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.NET Core

Minisign.Net is a .NET port of minisign written by @jedisct1 Frank Denis. If you are looking for a command line tool, please use the original minisign software. There are pre-compiled versions for any os.

minisign Copyright (c) 2015 - 2017 Frank Denis

Available Methods

Sign a file

public static string Sign(string fileToSign, MinisignPrivateKey minisignPrivateKey, string untrustedComment = "", string trustedComment = "", string outputFolder = "")

Validate a file

public static bool ValidateSignature(string filePath, MinisignSignature signature, MinisignPublicKey publicKey)

public static bool ValidateSignature(byte[] message, MinisignSignature signature, MinisignPublicKey publicKey)

Generate a key pair

public static MinisignKeyPair GenerateKeyPair(string password, bool writeOutputFiles = false, string outputFolder = "", string keyPairFileName = "minisign")

Load a signature

public static MinisignSignature LoadSignatureFromString(string signatureString, string trustedComment, string globalSignature)

public static MinisignSignature LoadSignatureFromFile(string signatureFile)

public static MinisignSignature LoadSignature(byte[] signature, byte[] trustedComment, byte[] globalSignature)

Load a public key

public static MinisignPublicKey LoadPublicKeyFromString(string publicKeyString)

public static MinisignPublicKey LoadPublicKeyFromFile(string publicKeyFile)

public static MinisignPublicKey LoadPublicKey(byte[] publicKey)

Load a private key

public static MinisignPrivateKey LoadPrivateKeyFromString(string privateKeyString, string password)

public static MinisignPrivateKey LoadPrivateKeyFromFile(string privateKeyFile, string password)

public static MinisignPrivateKey LoadPrivateKey(byte[] privateKey, byte[] password)