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Releases: bitcoinbabys/StrongHandsMasterNode

v2400 Mandatory Update

29 Apr 12:59
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v2400 Mandatory Update

This release incorporates a new development fund payment.
The payment will occur once a week starting at block 152500.

  • amount of 840 Coins /week for 1 year, followed by 504 Coins/week for 1 year, followed by 168 Coins/week in perpetuity.

Due to this change this release is a mandatory update and will begin rejecting older clients upon the fork block of 152500. (This is projected to occur roughly 27 May 2019.)

Other changes for this release includes :

  • multi signature address GUI page
  • checkpoint

for security purposes you may compare sha256 checksums
win64 - 388e9baef746bb8ca35c9e96a921ad9dda2688dc22a0ebbf252bb6961fe36c23 - bc6a641d8d7bd3baec40b586df92a08c0844b8c26246ea103a26dd57bbecaf2e
ubuntu - 22ad9bb3ad8b4300b98c0a86a811a1fc3f6a98abf972fa56627e910fb939b9a6 - 5d28401203620f0af3bb5257166f6c272b3fcc174acc02d6d8b6b00cd8fc6cbf
macOS - 744ec537ca62d6eadb0fa052a0cdfaa2e2b62285f1c0b56ac4e346f28baa843f - 732da1c8a027037d40ee26abe5c7915179745283ba682e23841081a4f6a28ddc

v2310 minor update

03 Nov 04:26
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This release includes an updated spork key.

releases are for various platforms,

providing the Qt for general users
and the shmnd daemons for more specialised uses

first release

15 Jul 12:51
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Please ensure your swap funds are safe. Do not delete any files unless you know your wallet.dat or keys are safe.

This version may be run over the top of your existing install.

Please backup your previous data, download the new wallet, and run.

for a simple explanation,
shmn-qt has buttons you can click on << general users
daemon only answers to commands entered via command line/terminal << specialised uses

osx and ubuntu(ubu64) see above

windows 32 bit
windows 32bit daemon
windows 32bit qt

windows 64bit
windows 64bit daemon
windows 64bit qt