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Bitcoin Candy

What is Bitcoin candy? Bitcoin candy is a hard fork of Bitcoin Cash. Compared to Bitcoin Cash, it brings more attractive featuresï¼? (1) ASIC-resistant POW: Equihash; (2) Amount: 21 billion; (3) Block Interval: 2 minutes; (4) Double way replay protection.

It became a separate currency from the version supported by Bitcoin Cash when the two split on Jan 13, 2018. Bitcoin Candy and the Bitcoin Cash version of Bitcoin share the same transaction history up until the split.


Last Releases

You can find pre-compilled binaries for Linux and Windows 64bit at release github section. Feel free to compile other versions by yourself, instructions can be found in src/doc/.


Bitcoin Candy is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information or see

Development Process

This Github repository contains only source code of releases.

Bitcoin Candy development takes place at

If you would like to contribute, please read CONTRIBUTING