p5.gui magically generates a graphical user interface for your p5.js sketches
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p5.gui magically generates a graphical user interface (sliders, color selector, etc) for each of your variables. Behind the scenes it uses other libraries such as Quicksettings (and in the future also DAT.GUI) to do all the hard work.

You currently need to include both p5.gui.js and quicksettings.js in your p5.js sketch.


See the examples for how to use it!

Create a new GUI:

var gui = createGui('Label');

Add gui elements for your variables:

gui.addGlobals('my_variable','my_other_variable', ...);

You can also use the colorMode() functions to change the default color mode used to interpret colors and sliderRange() to change the default range used when creating sliders.




logo of p5.gui

p5.gui is licensed under the MIT License.

This repo also includes code from other libraries: