Ready to use application template using ExtJS 4.2, MVC approach, REST interface to Java, EJBs and Hibernate for ORM. Includes authentication code and other useful samples.
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Extjs-MVC-REST-Java-Hibernate Application Template

RIA application template runnable on openshift.


Code in action on openshift cloud

Example users

  1. username:john password:123

  2. username:mark password:456

  3. username:peter password:789

Admin user

  1. username:captain password:444

Project Info

Includes sample:

  • programatic authentication
  • user-role-specific layout and menu
  • forms and editable grid showcase
  • ExtJS 4 MVC patterns
  • ExtJS and Java communication via REST interface
  • EJB controllers and sample Hibernate entities
  • openshift cloud configuration with jboss AS 7.1 and mysql cartridge

Based on technologies:

  • ExtJS 4.2.1
  • Java
  • Hibernate 4.2.0.Final

Tested on:

Project Setup

Following steps are required to run your own application instance in openshift cloud

  1. Create openshift account and application

$ rhc app create MyAppName jbossas-7

$ rhc cartridge add mysql-5.1 -a MyAppName

  1. Clone this repo and add your openshift repo as remote repository

$ git clone

$ git remote add openshift -f openshift-git-repo-url

  1. Merge this repo to your openshift repository

$ git merge openshift/master -s recursive -X ours

  1. Push merged repo; this should trigger build process and make the app available at

$ git push openshift HEAD


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2013 BITFICTION