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Exchange Starter Kit to run your own Digital Asset Trading Exchange Platform
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HollaEx Kit PRs Welcome

HollaEx Kit is a full exchange launcher kit for building and running an exchange platfrom where you can list and trade any digital assets for your users.

HollaEx Kit has 3 main components:

  • HollaEx Core: HollaEx Core is a docker image which includes trading matching engine, real-time data stream, user management and general RESTful API management.
  • HollaEx Web: Front-end Web application for user interface
  • HollaEx CLI: Command Line Interface for interacting and deploying your exchange.

Get Started

HollaEx Kit provides simple (but powerful) CLI tool to help exchange operators setup and operate their exchange. Get started by install HollaEx CLI and following the documentation to start your own exchange.

git clone


Read more on our Docs!


Join us on the Forum and feel free to raise any topic and ask questions from our active community.

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Useful Resources

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