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Bitleu uses scrypt-jane POW/POS mining with modified nFactor.

With the modified nFactor the coin will have a period of 1-2 weeks during which GPU mining is very fast and CPU mining slow. GPU mining

will slowly decrease and after 1-2 weeks GPU mining will be around 7x slower than it was during the start of the nFactor period.

CPU mining won't be affected by the period, making CPU mining more efficient than with regular cryptocurrencies. The coin will start as a

GPU-currency and shift into an effective hybrid of CPU and GPU-mineable coins in which both will be efficient.

Bitleu aims to be a deflationary coin for investors. The Bitleu dev team will also set bounties and seek to make services for Bitleu.

Bitleu can equally be used as a long-term trading instrument for investors as well as a currency for shops, games and any other services.

Max moneysupply: 5,000,000,000 BTL

Block Rewards:

Block 2 -> 100,000 = 125 coins
Block 100,001 -> 125,000 = 250 coins
Block 125,001 -> 99,375,001 = 25 coins

Block time: 60 seconds

Bitleu bitcointalk thread:

Bitleu website: