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Python bindings for libqrencode ( using Cython

Credit and inspiration to:
 (this is essentially a cleaned up version of the Encoder, eliminating all the Java dependencies)
 - libqrencode, by Fukuchi Kentaro

 - PyQrCodec, by Stefano Pedemonte

Tested on:
 * Mac OSX 10.6.4 Snow Leopard, Python 2.6.1 (64-bit)
 * CentOS 5.5, Python 2.6.4 (64-bit)
 * Ubuntu Precise Pangolin 10.12, Python 2.7.3 (64-bit) (depends on package libqrencode-dev)

Pre-requisites on all platforms:
 * you need libqrencode somewhere in your LD path (/usr/local/lib)
 * you need qrencode.h somewhere on your include path (/usr/local/include)
 ** if you want to play with the code generation you need Cython (tested with 0.13)
     $ easy_install cython
     $ cython qrencode.pyx

$ python install