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  1. wallet wallet Public

    Bitpay Wallet (formerly Copay) is a secure Bitcoin and other crypto currencies wallet platform for both desktop and mobile devices.

    TypeScript 3.8k 1.7k

  2. bitcore-lib bitcore-lib Public archive

    A pure and powerful JavaScript Bitcoin library

    JavaScript 610 1k

  3. bitcore bitcore Public

    A full stack for bitcoin and blockchain-based applications

    JavaScript 4.8k 2.1k

  4. bitcore-wallet-service bitcore-wallet-service Public archive

    A multisig, HD Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash wallet service. Used by Copay.

    JavaScript 615 542

  5. insight insight Public

    A bitcoin blockchain explorer and API

    TypeScript 1.2k 1.1k

  6. bitauth bitauth Public

    Authenticate with web services utilizing the same strategy as Bitcoin.

    JavaScript 495 168


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