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Item Description Comments
ARM support Add support for various boards Completed
ARM MP support We should be able to use all cores on newer boards,We're nearly there, but there are some cache coherency problems In Progress
Fine grained MP Get rid of biglock, Branch smpns. We replaced IPL levels with critical section, run interrupt handler in threads. Biglock is now a turnstile exclusive lock. In Progress
Virtualization support Add kernel and user space changes to support hardware virtualization TBD
EFI support Implement EFI boot support TBD
Support latest GNU binutils ld Port latest GNU binutils ld in order to get things like gold and LTO, basically done but not flipped yet as we need to re-enable w^x In Progress
Port libc++ to Bitrig In order to remove need for libstdc++ Completed
Port address-sanitizer to Bitrig Adds additional protection for built-in compiler functions. Part of compiler-rt TBD
Port elftoolchain to Bitrig Replace old GNU tools In Progress
FUSE/puffs support Add kernel and user space pieces to support FUSE functionality. Completed
-Wpointer-arith cleanup Remove all -Wpointer-arith warnings by removing pointer arith on void * Completed
Port FreeBSD 802.11 stack Import FreeBSD code and modify it in coordination with Adrian Chadd from FreeBSD Project in order to leverage one code base between FreeBSD, DragonFlyBSD and Bitrig. TBD
lld Import lld linker TBD
nbd Implement ndb kernel support. Completed
xnbd Add userland xnbd port for more information Completed
pivot_root Implement pivot_root in Bitrig, A presentation of pivot_root can be found at : | and a video of this presentation at | Completed
PIE amd64 Implement PIE in Bitrig/amd64 Completed
PIE armv7/armv8 Implement PIE in Bitrig/arm In Progress
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