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Bitrise (offline) CLI

Discussion forum:

Run your Bitrise automations with this CLI tool on any Mac or Linux machine, and use the same configuration on (automation service, with a mobile app focus).

Part of the Bitrise Continuous Integration, Delivery and Automations Stack, with stepman and envman.

For a nice & quick intro you should check:

Install and Setup

The installation is quick and easy, check the latest release for instructions at:

Installing with Homebrew:

brew update && brew install bitrise

Optionally, you can call bitrise setup to verify that everything what's required for bitrise to run is installed and available, but if you forget to do this it'll be performed the first time you call bitrise run.

You can enable shell completion for the bitrise run command:

Tutorials and Examples

You can find examples in the _examples folder.

If you're getting started you should start with _examples/tutorials, this should guide you through the basics, while you'll already use bitrise (requires installed bitrise).

You can find a complete iOS sample project at:

Tooling support & JSON output format

bitrise CLI commands support a --format=[format] parameter. This is intended mainly for tooling support, by adding --format=json you'll get a JSON formatted output on Standard Output.

This is still work-in-progress, we're working on providing the --format param to every command except run.

Every error, warning etc. message will go to StdErr; and on the StdOut you should only get the valid JSON output.

An example calling the version command:

$ bitrise version --format=json

Will print {"version":"1.2.4"} to the Standard Output (StdOut).

Share your Step

You can use your own Step as you can see in the _examples, even if it's not yet committed into a repository, or from a repository directly.

If you would like to share your awesome Step with others you can do so by calling stepman share and then following the guide it prints.


We added some documents to make it a bit easier to get started with Bitrise CLI. The documentation includes a quick and a little longer guides for CLI, a React Native project workflow guide and an overview of the Step share process. You can find them in the _docs folder.



  • Easy to use: the UX for the end-user, always keep it in mind, make it a pleasant experience to work with this tool (and all of the Bitrise tools)!
  • Code should be kept simple: easy to understand, easy to collaborate/contribute (as much as possible of course).
  • Compatibility: never do an incompatible change, unless you can't avoid it. Release new features as additional options, to not to break existing configurations.
  • Stability: related to compatibility, but in general stability is really important, especially so in a CI/automation environment, where you expect fully reproducible outcomes.
  • Flexibility: should also be kept in mind, but only if it does not affect the previous points.

Updating dependencies

To do a full dependency update use bitrise-tools/gows, for a clean workspace:

gows clear && gows bitrise run dep-update

to test that all dependency is included:

gows clear && gows go test ./... && gows go install && gows bitrise run test

and/or with docker-compose:

docker-compose build && docker-compose run --rm app go test ./...

Local Dev Workflow

The following commands will work to get you started using a text editor such as VCSCode or similar.

All commands should be run from the root directory.

  • Setup:

    mkdir -p ./_bin

  • Build:

    go build -o ./_bin

  • Run:

    ./_bin/bitrise COMMAND