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This repository contains early versions of Bits of Proof's software. Left at this place only to serve earlier references to it.

The BOP Bitcoin Server is our foundation, the first enterprise ready implementation of the Bitcoin protocol.

Client applications connect with the server through a message bus, only embedding a small memory and network footprint library. Bitcoin keys that command your balances are never transmitted to the server as transactions are signed in the client library. Therefore it is safe to use a hosted and even shared instance of our servers, without compromising on security of your Bitcoin holdings. Our software implements features that go far beyond what is available in the ‘reference implementation’.

Bits of Proof built several payment processors, the first externally auditable exchange with multi signature P2SH wallets, and the most secure web wallet where you hold your keys literally in your hands:


A current version of the BOP Bitcoin Server API is available at:

Contact for further information on our products.