Elixir application which demonstrates a bare-minimum release-ready app using Distillery.
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Release Manager Test

Follow these steps to do a test upgrade of an app, along with a dependency (:timex)

  • Clone it
  • Prepare deployment directory e.g. mkdir -p /tmp/test/releases/0.2.0
  • Fetch deps and build: cd distillery-test && mix do deps.get, compile
  • Build release: mix release --env=prod
  • Deploy release: cp _build/dev/rel/test/releases/0.1.0/test.tar.gz /tmp/test/
  • Start release: cd /tmp/test && tar -xf test.tar.gz && ./bin/test start
  • Verify with:
    • ./bin/test ping
    • ./bin/test remote_console
    • At prompt GenServer.call(Test.Server, :ping), should return :v1
  • Make some changes, bump the version to 0.2.0
  • mix release --env=prod --upgrade
  • Deploy upgrade: cp _build/dev/rel/test/releases/0.2.0/test.tar.gz /tmp/test/releases/0.2.0/
  • Apply upgrade: cd /tmp/test && ./bin/test upgrade "0.2.0"
  • Verify your changes are present in the upgraded version