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  • v1.26.5
  • 19a47f6
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@github-actions github-actions released this May 12, 2021

Please see our official release notes.

  • Bitwarden Send Files Upload directly to Azure
  • Premium Membership inheritance/offer [mimic web vault on all clients]
  • Hide Email from Send landing page
  • 1 character searching for Chinese languages
  • Require email address verification to create file Sends
  • Trash items now deleted after 30 days
  • Various bug fixes
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@cscharf cscharf released this Mar 24, 2021

This is a "frozen" legacy build of the Bitwarden Desktop client which contains the Safari App extension, v1.48.1 for those users still using Safari 13 or earlier which is not compatible with Safari's Web extensions.

  • This version will not be maintained or officially supported; no new patches will be released for it.
  • Auto-update and "check for updates" has been removed from this version.
  • This version does not contain new functionality such as Bitwarden Send and will not get native biometrics support.
  • This release is currently only to support macOS and therefore the .dmg is the only release asset available for this version.
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