Sublime Text 3 plugin for formatting markdown table (inspired by Atom's MarkdownTableFormatter)
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Markdown Table Formatter travis MIT licensed Donate

Sublime Text 3 markdown plugin that offers table formatting.

Inspired by the Atom's version from fcrespo82 (Fernando).




There are two basic ways of using this plugin. Select what you want to format and hit Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T or use the same shortcut without selection to format the entire document.


	// make plugin verbose in debug console
	"verbose": false,

	// scan document to format tables when saving
	"autoformat_on_save": false,

	// spaces between "|" and cell's text
	"margin": 1,

	// additional spaces before/after cell's text (depending on justification)
	"padding": 0,

	// how text should be justified when not specified [LEFT, RIGHT, CENTER]
	"default_justification": "LEFT"

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