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This project is for reproducing the results of paper improving the improved wgans. To test the generative model, please change to the tensorflow_generative_model forder (Tensorflow version: 1.2.1). To test the semi-supervised learning results please change to the Theano_classifier forder (Theano version:0.9.0).

For the generative model in MNIST dataset with 1000 data, please run:

For the generative model in CIFAR-10 with 1000 data, run:

For the resnet version of CT_GAN, please run:

To check some samples generated by our method, please refer to the samples forder.

For the semi-supervised classification work, run: for 100 labeled MNIST training.

Run: OR for 4000 labeled CIFAR-10 training.

The version of time saving one is with temporal ensembling and the regular one is