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Atlassian Crowd Helper Browser Extension

or ACHBrE for short. This a browser extension to aid with the administration of Atlassian Crowd.


Atlassian Crowd is meant to be an identity provider. Originally existed as an internal user directory library for Atlassian products, and later it manifested into a standalone product.

When using Crowd to actually manage users and groups , especially in multiple internal or external directories, one might find that there is room for optimizing clicks and workflows. This is where this browser extension kicks in. Providing click optimization, shortcuts and automation, Crowd administrators might spare a few clicks here and there. With repeated tasks, this can be a noticeable time and sanity saver.

Atlassian Crowd Helper Browser Extension can be especially helpful when administering users and groups across multiple directories.


ACHBrE is a free software licensed under GNU/GPL v3.0. ACHBrE is free to use, share and modify it as long the rules laid out by GNU/GPL license are obeyed.

3rd Party Libraries

Extension Settings Page Visual Styling

Supported Platforms


  • Google Chrome Version 89 and up


Tested on Crowd 4.2.3 DataCenter. Should work on Server edition as well, although some Crowd features are only available in DC edition such as clustering and delegated group administration.


Most features are for click optimization and to eliminate repetitive tasks when managing multiple user directories.

  • Focus the most relevant input when opening a page or form, so one can begin to type / paste input right away
  • Speed up user creation by auto-filling inputs
  • Speed up application / user / group operations when having multiple user directories

See Documentation/Features for more details.


Install From Source

Adding unpacked extension requires developer mode to be turned on in Google Chrome .

Build dependencies:

  • GNU Make
  • Git client
  • ImageMagick (convert)
  • Internet connection


  1. Clone the repository to your local disk
    git clone
  2. Build target
    cd atlassian-crowd-helper-browser-extension; make
  3. Open Chrome Extensions
  4. Click Load unpacked button
  5. Browse to the atlassian-crowd-helper-browser-extension/target/google-chrome directory within the downloaded repository

Once installed, you need to enable the plugin on each Crowd UI URL you intend to use it on.

Why browser extension and not Crowd plugin?

  • Developing browser extension only requires basic JavaScript and HTML knowledge
  • It lives in the browser, so it does not require any modification in Atlassian Crowd.
  • It is lightweight and can be turned on and off at any given time. Or just simply launch an incognito window, and you get the vanilla Crowd experience.

Is this extension safe?

Do not take our word for it. The source code is available for auditing.

Will it damage my Crowd?

Although it is very unlikely, mistakes might happen. Theoretically, a mis-behaving JavaScript can do anything on the given website. We recommend testing in a development environment first.

We do not take any responsibility should a bug do nasty things like deleting all your groups

Known problems

ACHBrE is a very young piece of software. As it has very few features, most problems should be missing features. Anyway, see Issues page for more information, and feel free to submit bug reports and feature requests as well as pull requests.