An implementation of the Todo-Backend based on Ceylon and gyokuro
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An implementation of the Todo-Backend based on Ceylon and gyokuro.

You can run the reference specs on a live instance to validate this implementation.

Building and running

$ git clone
$ cd gyokuro-todo-backend
$ ceylon compile
$ ceylon run gyokuro.demo.todobackend/1.0.0

The test suite can be run by opening the following URL in your browser:

Deploying on Heroku

Create a new project on Heroku, and do the following in the Settings part:

  • add the config variable APP_HOSTNAME=<your-app-name>
  • add the config variable APP_PORT=80
  • add the buildpack heroku/java

Then from your machine run the following commands:

$ ceylon compile
$ ceylon fat-jar gyokuro.demo.todobackend
$ heroku deploy:jar gyokuro.demo.todobackend-1.0.0.jar --app <your-app-name>