Lizard brain for game entities - a data-oriented behavior tree library in C
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Liz - lizard brain for game entities

Liz is a data-oriented behavior tree library implemented in C.

Learning about liz' internals

The best way to learn liz works is to first read liz_vm.h and liz_vm.c and especially look into the functions with the liz_vm_step_ prefix.

Extending liz with new decider or action nodes

  • Add a new type enum value and node defining structs to liz_shape_atom in liz_common_internal.h.
  • Extend liz_builder.
  • Extend liz_vm to invoke the new node and guard it if it is a decider.

Cross portability

The primary development environment for liz is Mac OS X 10.7.x. I haven't tried to port it to another platform yet. However, liz is written in a C99 subset that should, for example, be compilable as C++ in MSVC10.

To port liz to a new platform adapt:

  • liz_platform_types.h - e.g., provide definitions for bool, bit-sized integer types like int32_t or uint16_t, and uintptr_t and intptr_t, etc.
  • liz_platform_macros.h - adapt the macros, e.g., LIZ_INLINE or LIZ_RESTRICT to your compiler.
  • liz_platform_functions.h - adapt these functions, e.g., assert, memmove, etc. to your platform, if necessary.