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Convert pictures to excel files - because people are sending screenshots in word files.
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People are sharing screenshots in word documents. Therefore I share pictures as excel shit.



I was complaining on IRC about someone sending me a screenshot as a word file. Then my friend Aaron Lav had a comment that I turned into that project:

much rarer to encode screenshots in excel with a cell per pixel

Even more history

It turns out that someone had that idea already: (thanks sphereinabox)

And someone else too: (thanks Milkey mouse)


It probably works with any python.

To install dependencies, run:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

To convert a picture, run:

python conv <filename>.jpg <filename>.xlsx

Careful, the output files look small, but they may take a while to open.


Idea: Aaron Lav Dev: Bjonnh, b3llydrum

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