Reactive Extensions for Lua
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Reactive Extensions for Lua.

RxLua gives Lua the power of Observables, which are data structures that represent a stream of values that arrive over time. They're very handy when dealing with events, streams of data, asynchronous requests, and concurrency.

Getting Started


Copy the rx.lua file into your project and require it:

local rx = require 'rx'


Install using lit:

lit install bjornbytes/rx

Then require it:

local rx = require 'rx'


See RxLove.

Example Usage

Use RxLua to construct a simple cheer:

local Rx = require 'rx'

Rx.Observable.fromRange(1, 8)
  :filter(function(x) return x % 2 == 0 end)
  :concat(Rx.Observable.of('who do we appreciate'))
  :map(function(value) return value .. '!' end)

-- => 2! 4! 6! 8! who do we appreciate!

See examples for more.



Uses lust. Run with:

lua tests/runner.lua

or, to run a specific test:

lua tests/runner.lua skipUntil


MIT, see LICENSE for details.