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Python library for connecting to and controlling the Logitech Harmony Link
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Python library for progarmmatically using a Logitech Harmony Link or Ultimate Hub.

A fork of petele/pyharmony with the intent to:

  • Make pip/ installable.
  • Unify improvments made in other forks.
  • Configurable for Harmony Link/Hub differences.
  • Better practices for project layout.
  • Better error handling!


As the harmony protocol is being worked out, notes are in


  • Authentication to Logitech's web service working.
  • Authentication to harmony device working.
  • Querying for entire device information
  • Sending a simple command to harmony device working.


To query your device's configuration state:

PYTHONPATH="." python harmony --email --password pass \
    --harmony_ip show_config

For full argument information on the command-line tool:

PYTHONPATH="." python harmony


  • Figure out how to detect when the session token expires so we can get a new one.
  • Figure out a good way of sending commands based on sync state.
  • Is it possible to update device configuration?
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