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(Craft)Bukkit Scandinavian/fjord-like terrain-generator plugin
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(Craft)Bukkit scandinavian/fjord-like terrain-generator plugin

Fjord is a terrain-generator plugin aimed at providing terrain somewhat similar to Scandinavian fjords and highland.



Released files are published at

How to use

Currently it is recommended to install the MultiVerse plugin for CraftBukkit alongside Fjord. You can then create a world using the command:

/mv create <worldname> normal -g Fjord -s <seed>

To teleport a player (or yourself) to the newly created Fjord world, use:

/mv tp <playername> <worldname>

For more MultiVerse commands, see the MultiVerse external link.

Commands, permissions and configuration settings

Fjord uses the following commands:

  • /fjord version: Displays the current Fjord version.

Fjord requires no special permissions other than the permissions required by your World-Management plugin (such as MultiVerse).

Code requirements

If you wish to compile the code yourself, you will need to include the following libraries:

  • CraftBukkit.jar (Get it here, version is up to you)
  • Bukkit.jar (again, version is up to you. This file is hard to come by if you don't want to compile the source yourself, but with a little Googleing you can find one)


This project contains (partial) code from the following projects:

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