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QT Marlin setting configuration tool
C++ Prolog
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README readme
main.cpp first widget sceleton
mainwindow.cpp polished and veltesting overwork
mainwindow.h eeprom implmented
tab_eeprom.cpp eeprom implmented
tab_pid.cpp the bug with the corrupted temperatures hopefully solved,the pid valu…
tab_pid.h movement test first light. but still far to go.
tab_raw.cpp polished and veltesting overwork
tab_raw.h polished and veltesting overwork
tab_veltest.cpp polished and veltesting overwork
tab_veltest.h polished and veltesting overwork


This will soon be a QT tool for the marlin firmware.

indended features:
 Temp monitoring+PID adjustments,
 find accurate accelerations/velocities
 eeprom values managing
 configuration.h and pins.h creation.

requires: qt 4, qwt v5, qserialdevice 
currently tested in linux
to build, you have to adopt the to have the correct dependency paths.
then qmake-qt4 or just qmake in case there is no qt3 installed.
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