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lita-slack-standup is a gem for Lita (, a chat bot written in ruby.
It handles standup meetings on slack (in english or french).


Add lita-standup to your Lita instance's Gemfile:

gem "lita-standup"


In your lita configuration file (lita_config.rb), add the lines :

Lita.congifure do |config| = <My standup channel name here>


  • !standup start : launches the standup, prints the standups already filled and asks for someone else to report
  • !standup next : consider current user's standup done and asks the next user to report
  • !standup report : saves your standup. If you do it before the start of the standup, you won't be asked to report. The bot will display your standup in your stead
  • !standup ignore : ignores an user for the standups
  • !standup unignore : unignores an user
  • !standup list : lists all ignored users
  • !standup end : ends the current standup

The standup stops when everyone has done his report or has been skipped.