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Artwork & logo for the Blade UI Kit branding.

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Blade UI Kit Art

The logo was heavily inspired by the original isometric grid of the Laravel Logo.


The logo is using the following fonts:


#hex rgb()
100 #FFEAE9 rgb(255,234,233)
200 #FFCBC7 rgb(255,203,199)
300 #FFABA5 rgb(255,171,165)
400 #FF6C62 rgb(255,108,98)
500 #FF2D1F rgb(255,45,31)
600 #E6291C rgb(230,41,28)
700 #991B13 rgb(153,27,19)
800 #73140E rgb(115,20,14)
900 #4D0E09 rgb(77,14,9)


  • A screen or a printer


  • Open the file
  • Right-click on the image
  • Choose "Save image as…" option


Blade UI Kit is developed and maintained by Dries Vints.

Blade UI Kit Logo and Branding is designed and maintained by Caneco.


All rights reserved, but with the following extra conditions:

  • It is OK to use the Blade UI Kit logo in the following cases:

    • In marketing materials for technical events, e.g. meetups, hackathons, conferences and workshops that are related to Blade UI Kit.
    • In open source projects related to Blade UI Kit.
    • In technical articles/videos/books/papers for educational purposes.
  • It is NOT OK to use the Blade UI Kit logo in the following cases without prior written consent from the copyright owners:

    • Using the Blade UI Kit logo in a commercial product for purposes other than illustrating its integration.
    • Sell physical products that uses the Blade UI Kit logo or its variants, e.g. t-shirts.
    • Copy the logo and adapt it into your own version.
    • To illustrate a commercial product.
    • Anything else that isn't included in this list.

By any means the owner reserves the right of final explanation for any use case not explicitly stated above.


Artwork & logo for the Blade UI Kit branding.


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