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A ruby interface to pdftk
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pdf-toolkit - A ruby interface to pdftk

pdf-toolkit allows you to access pdf metadata in read-write in a very simple way, through the pdftk commandline tool.

A typical usecase is as follows:

my_pdf ="somefile.pdf")
my_pdf.updated_at = # ModDate
my_pdf["SomeAttribute"] = "Some value"!

class MyDocument < PDF::Toolkit
  info_accessor :some_attribute
  def before_save
    self.updated_at =
my_pdf ="somefile.pdf")
my_pdf.some_attribute = "Some value"!

Note about this version

Starting with version 1.1.0, PDFTK version 2.0 is strongly recommended. Feel free to report problems on earlier versions if you think it's worth it, though.


  • Tim Pope is the original author of pdf-toolkit
  • Preston Marshall ported the project to github
  • Bernard Lambeau is the current maintainer
  • James Prior made small changes for PDFtk Server 2.0

Please report issues on github


pdf-toolkit is released under a MIT licence. See

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