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hugo-portal is a substitution of PorteAil by using Hugo as static website engine.

hugo-portal will creates a web portal as seen on screenshots section.


Web portal using hugo-portal


You need to get Hugo and understand a little bit how it works.


Either use the content of hugo-portal to set your own web portal, or just copy these directories to yours:

  • layouts
  • static

Then edit config.toml and adapt some elements:

  • languageCode: code used for page language. Use to display footer either in english or in french
  • title: will appears as a… title for your portal :)
  • style (in [params]): either blue.css or black.css which gives the portal main color

Remaining elements don't need to be changed.

How it works

The web portal displays buttons. Each button is a kind of square.

Buttons are grouped by apps (which could be the equivalent for a set of buttons).

If you want to create a new set of buttons, add a new apps like that:

hugo new apps/my_app.md

Which will create a new file in content/apps/.

Then edit it. And modify some things (have a look to next code to adjust):

  • title
  • add a description (in the content, after last +++)
  • add some buttons (as a list)
date = "2016-01-20T18:31:21+01:00"
draft = false
title = "Miscellaneous"

Some elements

  * {{< button title="Inkscape" href="http://inkscape.org" src="img/apps/inkscape.png" >}}
  * {{< button title="Wine" href="http://winehq.org" src="img/apps/wine.png" >}}
  * {{< button title="Vim" href="http://www.vim.org" src="img/apps/utilities-terminal.png" >}}
  * {{< button title="Redmine" href="http://redmine.org" src="img/status/script-error.png" >}}

A button

When you add a button in the list, it should keep this form:

  * {{< button title="Dogmazic" href="http://dogmazic.net" src="devices/multimedia-player.png" >}}

You need so to:

  • add a title (Dogmazic)
  • complete the URL, in href tag (http://dogmazic.net)
  • [optional] add a name of a picture

Note 1: If you don't add the src tag, then a default picture will be used.

Note 2: if you enter devices/multimedia-player.png as source picture, then it expects the presence of this file: static/img/devices/multimedia-player.png. So all pictures should be placed in static/img directory.


You can change/complete the web portal introduction in layouts/partials/introduction.html file.

Pay attention to write HTML code (I don't find any other solution for that).