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Port of Bliksem RRRR routing engine to Windows Phone with a planning frontend

Solution consists of three components:

  1. BliksemWP - The Windows Phone frontend. Does stop search, and then calls the backend routing engine, and renders its results.
  2. SQLiteWinRTPhone - SQLite version for Windows Phone, from . This version is 'special' - it has support for FTS4 full text search that is used to render stops.
  3. NcxPppp - RRRR as a library was LibRrrr, but during late night coding sessions during 24barcode certain people wanted a Dvorak keyboard layout, leading to this spelling. The RRRR code ( has been ported to C89 and Windows RT. Lots of changes for C89 and some Windows API hacking for memory mapped files (inspired by the SQLite above).