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Firmware for blinkenrocket, V2.0

Modifications for V2.0 (sine-wave-based transmission and ADC/sampling) by Chris Veigl, Overflo, Chris Hager

Use make && sudo make program to flash a blinkenrocket and use the web editor on to load patterns.

You can also use cd utilities; ./modem_transmit string1 string2 string3 ..., though this only supports simple string patterns and a few fixed example animations.


Sleep / Wakeup

  • Press both buttons for at least 500ms to put the rocket into deep sleep (~1µW power consumption)
  • Press any key (or send a modem transmission with 100ms of extra sync pulses) to turn it back on

Normal operation

  • Left button: Switch to previous pattern
  • Right button: Switch to next pattern

The new pattern will not be loaded before the button has been released.

Error messages / conditions

"Transmission failure"

A modem transmission was started, but not properly terminated. Make sure that your audio volume is set to 100%. If this does not work, please try 80% or 75%. you can use either modem_transmit or the web-based editor (see github repository blinkenrocket-webedit-react).

"Storage is empty"

The storage does not contain any patterns yet. Use modem_transmit or to fill it with patterns of your choice.

Modem transmissions don't work at all

Make sure that your audio volume is set to 75-100%. Try if you hear the sound if the audio cable is unplugged from the headphone jack. If transmission fails permanently please try from another device.

Rocket does not turn on

This probably means that either your MCU (U1) is not properly powered, or it is unable to communicate with the storage (U2).

Make sure that the right parts are soldered in the right position and check your soldering. Double-check parts and soldering for U1, U2, C3, R4 and R5.

Make sure that the battery is correctly inserted. The plus pins must lay on TOP of the battery where the minus pins are below on the BOTTOM of the battery. Insert the battery correctly from one side and then slide it in.

Rocket hangs during patern display / when switching patterns

If the display still displays something, but does not scroll/advance the animation anymore and the rocket does not respond to key presses, it means that it is unable to communicate with the EEPROM storage.

Double-check parts and soldering (especially for U1, U2, C3, R4 and R5). If you are really sure that everything is soldered correctly, your EEPROM might be faulty (not as in data corruption, but as in "does not even acknowledge its presence anymore"). This is quite improbable, though.

Rocket does not respond

Please remove and insert the battery again. Make sure that the battery has enough current and replcace the battery if the LED are dark.