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TrumpKlon is a great art project and a great personal Twitter bot based on Raspberry Pi technology.
TrumpKlon automatically creates tweets that resemble the Twitter emissions of Donald Trump.
The tweet generator of TrumpKlon is based on real Donald Trump tweets. They are real. It's fantastic!


TrumpKlon installation is straightforward. It's easy. Really easy.
All you need is a Raspberry Pi, a fresh SD card and a Twitter account.
That's all it takes. Incredibly easy.
For details on installation, see the step-by-step instructions in the TrumpKlon Wiki.

Other Twitter bots try to generate convincing language.
They try hard, but fail ridiculously. Total losers.
TrumpKlon doesn't. It doesn't even try to be convincing.
TrumpKlon's language is based on great underdeveloped artificial brain simulation techniques.
It's all fake. Total desaster.
But it's fun and entertaining. It's true. You'll love it.
TrumpKlon is the greatest Twitter bot in the world!

TrumpKlon is OpenSource. Well, at least the binaries are free.
The source is strictly confidential. All secret. Don't even ask for it.
But the binaries are totally free. Cost nothing. Zero. It's ridiculous.

TrumpKlon is free, everyone can have one. Or two. Take as many as you want.
Believe me, one TrumpKlon should be in every household. Can't wait to see it.
Think of this: millions of TrumpKlon devices around the world - it's gonna be great.
It's gonna be huge. Absolutely fantastic.
An enormous amount of Trump tweets everywhere. You'll love it. Believe me. It's true.

Project History

TrumpKlon is a spinoff project of ElektroKlon,
an art(ificial) product for automated generation of private information for everyone.
If TrumpKlon is great, ElektroKlon is even greater.
It's not just Trump, it's everything you can imagine.
You'll love it. Even greater stuff. The finest handcrafted artwork you can possibly think of.


TrumpKlon is based on other great OpenSouce projects: check them out.
Believe me, these projects are all great and we love them. Fantastic stuff. It's true.
See OpenSource.txt for details and Licenses.


An artwork for automated tweet creation. Powered by Raspberry Pi and and the greatest Donald Trump personality simulator in the world.








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