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What is bird?

A toolset and software to build a decentralised, trustless, and easy to use extra layer of guarantee on top of existing database systems.

Who is bird for?

Any group of individuals and organisations. It's free to use and to adapt to your own needs.

Why do we need bird?

95%+ of the projects labeled as blockchain are pointless. Nearly all projects are just database-implementations, covered in marketing mist around the blockchain hype.

How does bird do the job?

bird sticks to the design principles of bitcoin and implements the building blocks needed to create an uncensorable open public blockchain application. When consistently done right, that process results in the extra layer of guarantee your world has never seen before.

Progress and roadmap


More details

A Trust Network is any group of individuals and organisations that do not want to trust each other or a third party any more.

What does bird do for a Trust Network?: It looks for mistrust. Mistrust is good*.

  • If you trust the situation, use a database to improve and innovate. And forget about blockchain.

Why are we looking for mistrust? Because eliminating the trust factor is a unique feature of open, public, distributed, censorship-free blockchains.

The vast majority of other blockchains (private, permissioned, closed sourced, KYC'd, AML'd, etc) are pointless. Use bird to be on the right side of history.

We eat our own dogfood. Bird is:

  • open source
  • public
  • free
  • self-sovereign
  • uncensorable
  • borderless
  • and has no obligations to financial sponsors


BIRD project 2020 has been promoted by Henk van Cann. See the project financing. It covers all out-of-pocket costs, mainly in hiring experts.

Promote, don't claim

Do you also want to promote? Let us know. You'll get nothing in return but thanks and respect, which is great and necessary.

no pushy shareholders or hidden interests

Why should you promote if you can't claim more than a basic acknowledgement?

  • use bird for commercial projects. It's open source under GPL 3 license and its content is CC by SA
  • to contribute to a more free, self-sovereign and decentralised world where privacy is respected by design
  • create more level playing fields in the world, where centralised powers can't cheat, steal and become totalitarian rulers
  • avoid pointless blockchains and join the happy few that build meaningful blockchain applications
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