Command line utility to collect informations from a Ruby on Rails project
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pinfo-rails: Rails project info Gem Version

An utility to collect informations from a Rails project.

Currently I added some basic checks, feel free to contact me (or pull request) to improve this project.


  • pinfo command line tool
  • Colored output
  • Fetch informations directly from files, without running Rails (faster, easier)
  • Options from a global config file (~/.pinfo-rails.conf)
  • Options from a local config file (see pinfo-rails.sample_conf)


  • Install the gem: gem install pinfo-rails
  • Enter in a Rails project directory
  • Execute: pinfo

Sample output

- Ruby (current): 2.3.0
- Ruby (Gemfile): ruby '2.3.0'
- Rails: 'rails', ''
- Required: 'redis-rails'
- Required: 'sunspot_solr'

- Database development: adapter = mysql2; host = localhost; database = my_db; username = root
- Database staging: adapter = mysql2; host =; database = stag_db; username = stag; password = stag

- Cache development:
    config.cache_classes = false
    config.action_controller.perform_caching = false
- Cache staging    :
    config.cache_classes = true
    config.action_controller.perform_caching = true
- Cache production :
    config.cache_classes = true
    config.action_controller.perform_caching = true

- Deploy tool: 'mina'
- Staging    :
    domain, ''
    branch, 'feature/restyle'
    user, 'stag'
- Production :
    server ''
    branch, 'master'


-c, --config=CONF                Config file
-v, --[no-]verbose               Run verbosely
-r, --required=REQS              Search for specific gems
-s, --[no-]styles                With styles and colors (default)

    --[no-]cache                 Show cache info
    --[no-]database              Show database info
    --[no-]deploy                Show deploy info


When I started to work with Ruby on Rails often I had to switch projects to make minor updates, add new features, fix things; and to publish the changes I created a small script to fetch for config informations. After some times I decided to make a gem for that purpose, this gem.