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  • Accept bitcoin payments on your website with ease
  • Payments go directly in your own bitcoin wallet
  • All HD wallet like trezor,, mycelium supported
  • No approvals of API key/documentation required
  • Uses blockonomics API


  • Installation Video Tutorial
  • Upload from releases using Modules and Services > Add new Module.
  • Locate the module in Admin > modules list (search author blockonomics) and click on Install
  • Complete blockonomics merchant wizard to get API Key
  • Put shown API key in prestashop module and Save settings
  • Click on Test Setup to make sure everything is working
  • Try checkout product , and you will see pay with bitcoin option. Use bitcoin to pay and enjoy !


  • Currently available in English, French, German and Spanish
  • Contribution for other lanugages are welcome. Feel free to send us files from your backoffice or create a pull request


  • Not able to generate new bitcoin address: Your webhost is blocking outgoing HTTP connections. Blockonomics requires to do an outgoing POST to generate new address. Check with your webhost to allow this.
  • Order page repeatedly refreshing on payment: Your webhost is blocking incoming callbacks from bots, our you have a DDOS protection in place that is causing this. uses curl to callback your server with payment notification and cannot emulate a browser accessing your website.
  • Note that if you are running prestashop on localhost, you need Dynamic DNS/public IP pointing to your localhost. This is because will requires the callback to be a public url.


Checkout Page

checkout page

Order Details

order details

Admin Orders Page

admin orders page