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Target Hackathon/Case Study: Wishbone

The Task:

As a part of Target's Diversity Leadership Symposium, participants were asked to create an application that engages guests both inside and outside the store. Specifically, developers should target the millennial market by focusing on baby and styling products. We were given three hours total.

What We Made:

My team and I created Wishbone, a native Facebook chatbot using Node.js, JavaScript, and Heroku that turns commons situations into buyable products. Sometimes you go to Target and you know exactly what you want - shoes, Advil, a new backpack - but other times, you just want to stop by on the way to the beach, the movies, etc. With Wishbone, users can ask "What do I need for the beach?" or say "I'm throwing a baby shower" and the application connects them with real relevant products. Straight from the bot, users can add things to their cart and check out certain products on Target's website. Awarded 1st Place Overall.

The Team:

Kathryn Hodge: Coded the chatbot from scratch, worked with some of the content ideas, and came up with the idea.

Antonio Melano-Gonzales: Helped determine how users would interact with the bot and worked on the UI.

Dilan Hira & Adamma Newman: Researched chatbots and created the powerpoint presentation.

Check out the demo here

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