Target highlighting for emacs evil-mode f,F,t and T commands.
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evil-quickscope (v0.1.4)

This package emulates quick_scope.vim by Brian Le. It highlights targets for evil-mode’s f,F,t,T keys, allowing for quick navigation within a line with no additional mappings.

This program requires EVIL (


Place evil-quickscope.el in the load-path and add the following to ~/.emacs:

(require 'evil-quickscope)


The functionality is wrapped into two different minor modes. Only one can be activated at a time.


evil-quickscope-always-mode provides targets at all times and directly emulates quick_scope.vim. It can be activated by adding the following to ~/.emacs:

(global-evil-quickscope-always-mode 1)

Alternatively, you can enable evil-quickscope-always-mode in certain modes by adding ‘turn-on-evil-quickscope-always-mode’ to the mode hook. For example:

(add-hook 'prog-mode-hook 'turn-on-evil-quickscope-always-mode)


evil-quickscope-mode provides targets only after one of the f,F,t,T keys are pressed. It can be activated by adding the following to ~/.emacs:

(global-evil-quickscope-mode 1)

Or, you can use ‘turn-on-evil-quickscope-mode’ as a mode hook:

(add-hook 'prog-mode-hook 'turn-on-evil-quickscope-mode)



The faces evil-quickscope uses to highlight targets are defined in evil-quickscope-first-face and evil-quickscope-second-face.


By default, evil-quickscope-mode only shows targets in the direction of the f,F,t,T command. This behavior can be changed to show targets in both directions by using setq or M-x customize evil-quickscope to set evil-quickscope-bidirectional to t.

Cross Lines

The parameter evil-quickscope-cross-lines controls whether targets on different lines are highlighted. Should be used in conjunction with the parameter evil-cross-lines.

Disable in Comments

The parameter evil-quickscope-disable-in-comments disables evil-quickscope-always-mode overlays when the point is inside a comment. Useful when overlays are cluttering the buffer when trying to read comments. Defaults to nil.