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Puppet module to manage puppet.

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Puppet module for puppet

Installs puppet from rubygems. Assumes a system on which:

  • rubygems is present,
  • other accommodations are present for serving puppet master in a production-ready mode and
  • does not setup any daemons by default.

Provides a puppet master setup through puppet::master, which requires puppet-module-supervisor and puppet-nginx to be present in modules namespace.

For more details read the series that spawned this module: Wrangling Servers.


Install puppet-puppet into your modules (do this from the root of your versioned puppet configuration):

$ git submodule add git:// modules/puppet

If you need only clients, that and this are sufficient:

node default {
    include puppet

Else, if you must run puppet master,

$ git submodule add git:// modules/nginx
$ git submodule add git:// modules/supervisor

node puppet {
    include supervisor, puppet::master
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