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The Slack Viewer that looks like TweetDeck
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SlackDeck Proto

This provides the Slack viewer that looks like TweetDeck.

Image from Gyazo

NOTE: As this is a prototype, we do destructive changes from time to time


You can download the application here.

  • v0.10.1: Update for security reason
  • v0.10.0: Application distribution for macOS


  • Multiple columns like TweetDeck
  • Multiple workspaces
  • Add/Remove columns by button
  • Selectable CSS styles for each column
  • Customizable settings as JSON
  • Settings are saved and persisted


  • Slack Account
  • Electron: v5.x or above

Quick Start

  1. Run npm install to install packages
  2. Rename settings.json.sample to settings.json
  3. Edit url value in settings.json like
  4. Run npm start in terminal
  5. Import settings.json


settings.json includes all the your settings. You can edit these variables bellow.

  • url: Slack's Web URL like
  • other_urls: Other workspaces' URL
  • channel: Channel' name like general
  • style: CSS style for each column
    • channel-only: only channel's list showing up
    • body-only: only messages showing up
    • sidebar-only: only sidebar (contains Threads, Activity etc) showing up
  • width: Width of each column
    • small-tab: recommend to use with channel-only or sidebar-only
    • large-tab: recommend to use with body-only

Tips on Use

  • Messages overflow the column
    • use Cmd + - to make the font smallers
  • Channel Switch
    • use Cmd + k to switch channels
    • NOTE: even the style is channel-only, you can't switch channels by pushing buttons
  • Add other workspaces in columns
    • select the workspace in Workspaces on menu bar
  • Reset settings
    • click Settings on menu bar

Build as Application

Build for Mac

  1. Run node build-mac.js
  2. In ./dist/mac, you can find
  3. Double click and start the app
  4. Import settings.json


You can use issues as you like. Not only suggestions but also questions are welcome!

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