Returns what the character width should be on the terminal.
Perl 6
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A Perl 6 port of this module.


wcwidth takes a single codepoint and outputs its width:

wcwidth(0x3042) # "あ" - returns 2


  • -1 for a control character
  • 0 for a character that does not advance the cursor (NULL or combining)
  • 1 for most characters
  • 2 for full width characters

wcswidth takes a string and outputs its total width:

wcswidth("*ウルヰ*") # returns 8 = 2 + 6

Returns -1 if any control characters are found.

Unlike the Python version, this module does not support getting the width of only the first n characters of a string, as you can use the substr method.


Thanks to Jeff Quast (jquast), the author of the Python module, which in turn is based on the C library by Markus Kuhn.