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Blue Box Group, LLC Public Cookbooks for Chef

Blue Box has published our public cookbooks for Chef in this repository; we do active maintenance and bug fixes on this repository, so make sure to check in every now and then to make sure that you have the latest fixes/cookbooks from this repository.

This Chef cookbooks repository is meant for CentOS / RHEL systems. If you're using anything other than Chef + CentOS / RHEL, things may break; we will likely generalize the recipes for use on Debian/Ubuntu systems, but for now, make sure you're using these Chef cookbooks with CentOS / RHEL systems only.

If you have any bugs that you've uncovered in any of these recipes, please let us know through the "Issues" page in GitHub.


We're happy to accept pull requests for cookbooks that are ready to be shared with the general public. Please ensure that all submissions are generic enough to be useful to a general audience.



These scripts are sponsored and maintained by


License is Apache License v2.0 by Blue Box Group, LLC, unless otherwise noted.