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jQuery Raty - A Star Rating Plugin - http://wbotelhos.com/raty

jQuery Raty is a plugin that generates a customizable star rating.


The jQuery Raty is licensed under The MIT License


@version        2.1.0
@since          2010.06.11
@author         Washington Botelho
@documentation  wbotelhos.com/raty
@twitter        twitter.com/wbotelhos

Required Files

  • jquery.raty.min.js
  • star-on.png
  • star-off.png

Default values

cancel:      false                                          // Show a button to cancel the rating or not.   
cancelHint:  'cancel this rating!'                          // The hint information.
cancelOff:   'cancel-off.png'                               // Name of the cancel image off.
cancelOn:    'cancel-on.png'                                // Name of the cancel image on.
cancelPlace: 'left'                                         // Position of the cancel button.
click:       undefined                                      // Default callback function.
half:        false                                          // Active the half star.
halfShow:    true                                           // Enables half star display.
hintList:    ['bad', 'poor', 'regular', 'good', 'gorgeous'] // A hint information for default 5 stars.
iconRange:   undefined                                      // Object list representing each icon with position and names.
noRatedMsg:  'not rated yet'                                // A hint for no rated elements when it's read-only.
number:      5                                              // Number of star.
path:        'img                                           // Path of images.
readOnly:    false                                          // read-only or not.
scoreName:   'score'                                        // The name of target score.
size:        16                                             // The icons size.
starHalf:    'star-half.png'                                // The image of the half star.
space:       true                                           // Option to take off the spaces between the star.
starOff:     'star-off.png'                                 // Name of the star image on.
starOn:      'star-on.png'                                  // Name of the star image on.
start:       0                                              // Start with a score value.
target:      undefined                                      // Number of stars to be selected.
targetKeep:  false                                          // If the last choose value will be keeped on mouseout.
targetText   ''                                             // Default value when there's no score or targetKeep is off.
targetType:  'hint'                                         // What display on target element: hint or number.
width:       undefined                                      // The container width of the stars.

Usage with default values


<div id="star"></div>


<div class="star"></div>
<div class="star"></div>
<div class="star"></div>

Public functions

$('#star').raty('start', 3);        // Starts with 3 stars.

$('#star').raty('click', 2);        // Click on the second star.

$('.star').raty('readOnly', true);  // Adjusts all elements with class called 'star' for read-only.

$('#star').raty('cancel', true);    // Cancel the rating. The second optional parameter enable the click callback.

$('#star').raty('score');           // Recovers the current score. For class returns an array. No rated returns null.


  • Daniel Faria
  • Eric Wendelin
  • Francisco Souza
  • Gabriel Benz
  • hpgihan
  • jeongee
  • Olle Jonsson

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