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Bluecherry solo6x10 repo
C Makefile
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debian Declare conflict with kernel headers newer than 3.16
mk mk: Merge back to Makefile
utils bc-record: Fix setting OSD with empty string
.gitignore .gitignore: Ignore debian/dkms.conf Update the FAQ to describe how to turn h264 stream into readable mp4 …
Makefile Improve conditional embedding of videobuf module README: Add section about releases
TODO Update Add
compat.h Fix compilation with kernel 3.13+
solo6x10-core.c fix a race in IRQ handler
solo6x10-disp.c Fix DMA mapping calls, both buffer address and size
solo6x10-eeprom.c solo6x10: prefix sources with 'solo6x10-'
solo6x10-enc.c enc: Reduce OSD writes to 704 bytes
solo6x10-g723.c Support 3.16+ kernel where deprecated snd_card_create() is absent
solo6x10-gpio.c solo6x10: prefix sources with 'solo6x10-'
solo6x10-i2c.c solo6x10: prefix sources with 'solo6x10-'
solo6x10-offsets.h enc: Reduce OSD writes to 704 bytes
solo6x10-p2m.c Fix compilation with kernel 3.13+
solo6x10-regs.h solo6x10: rename headers
solo6x10-tw28.c Reimplement SAA712x setup routine
solo6x10-tw28.h solo6x10: rename headers
solo6x10-v4l2-enc.c Increase FRAME_BUF_SIZE to 204800 as such frame size is met in practice
solo6x10-v4l2.c Fix build against 2.6.32
solo6x10.h Add support for struct v4l2_device

Bluecherry solo6x10 Video4Linux2 driver

This driver is released under the GPL for the line of Bluecherry MPEG-4 and H.264 capture cards (PCI, PCIe, Mini-PCI).


  • A Bluecherry BC-* capture card
  • A newer Linux kernel > 2.6.32


Simply run: make

Before installing, please remember to uninstall any previously installed version, as it might install to a different location and interfere.

To install, run: sudo make install && sudo depmod -a


Releases can be downloaded at:

GPG Signing Key fingerprint: 7DD6 2E5E BCBB 6181 F7AE CF97 1AC2 2DC0 4001 5F86

Public bug / feature tracker

The public bug and feature tracker for the solo6x10 driver can be found on Github:

General questions, comments, suggestions

Please visit our support page:

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