Lumen Subsea LED Light with 9-48V operation, servo PWM input, 1500 lumen output, and daisy-chainability.
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Lumen Subsea Lights

The Lumen Subsea Light is an underwater, pressure-rated LED light capable of outputting over 1500 lumens.

The schematic and board layout are designed in EagleCAD.

Lumen Subsea Light Hardware


  • 1500+ lm output
  • Onboard microcontroller (ATTiny45) for programmable behavior
  • Multiple signal input types:
    • Standard servo PWM input signal (1100-1900 microseconds)
    • Direct duty cycle control (with solder jumper)
    • On/off control with no signal needed by connecting signal wire to power
  • Daisy-chainable to allow multiple lights from a single cable
  • Thermistor temperature feedback and overheating protection
  • 6-48V input range
  • 0-2.5A LED output


The software running on the onboard microcontroller is available in the Lumen-Arduino directory and can be installed with the Arduino IDE and an AVR-ISP programmer.


The Lumen Subsea Light Hardware Design is released under the MIT License.

Revision History

0.0 - Under development

0.1 - First production version

0.11 - First production version w/ software

0.20 - Lumen R2 launch firmware