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<title>Boomerang Howto #1a: User clicks a link on a page we control and page is usable when onload fires</title>
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<h1>Boomerang Howto #1a:<br>User clicks a link on a page we control and page is usable when onload fires</h1>
See <a href="../use-cases.html#uc-1">use case #1</a> for a description of this requirement.
We use two pages for this use case. This is page #2 of the example. See <a href="howto-1a-page%231.html">Page #1</a>
for full explanation.
If you clicked the link to this page from <a href="howto-1a-page%231.html">Page #1</a>, you should see
page performance results show up below. It may take a while if this is the first time you're doing
the test since testing your bandwidth takes about 6 seconds. You can also click the link to Page #1
to see the same output on Page #1.
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The latest code and docs is available on <a href=""></a>
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