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Import modules isomorphically. Vite discussion for potential built-in support.



import { foo } from './client-module?client'
import { bar } from './server-module?server'

Normal build output:

import { foo } from './client-module'

SSR build output:

import { bar } from './server-module'


Install library:

$ npm i -D vite-plugin-iso-import

Add plugin to vite.config.js:

import { isoImport } from 'vite-plugin-iso-import'

export default defineCnfig({
  plugins: [isoImport()]


What happens if I use an import value that has been stripped off?

You'll get a usual JS error of the value being unreferenced/undefined. Instead, you should always wrap these environment-specific code with import.meta.env.SSR.

Using ?client and ?server loses intellisense

The library exports a custom TypeScript plugin that fixes it. Simply update your jsconfig.json or tsconfig.json like so:

  "compilerOptions": {
    "plugins": [{ "name": "vite-plugin-iso-import" }]

If you're using the VSCode-bundled TypeScript version, you have to update VSCode's settings.json with "typescript.tsserver.pluginPaths": ["."]. (Or a path to the project that contains the node_modules folder)

Also note that this currently does not work for Vue and Svelte files. The language services are unable to load TypeScript plugins. At the meantime, you can use this suboptimal solution for npm packages only:

// global.d.ts (or any ambient dts file)

// default export
declare module 'camelcase?client' {
  import all from 'camelcase'
  export = all

// named export
declare module 'lodash-es?server' {
  import * as all from 'lodash-es'
  export = all

// fallback
declare module '*?client'
declare module '*?server'