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Bluzelle Heroku Add-on
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Bluzelle Heroku Add-on

The Bluzelle Heroku Add-on is a great addition to your Heroku Application. Currently in Alpha, the add-on can:

  • Automatically create environment variables, in your Heroku Application, to enable connection to our testnet
  • Provide a dashboard to manage data that your Heroku Application committed to testnet


  • Nodejs/npm
  • Heroku CLI
  • A deployed Heroku Application making calls to the Bluzelle database

If you require assistance creating an application that uses the Bluzelle API, please visit this video: Alternatively, here is the write up for building a simple Nodejs application using the Bluzelle API


1) Login to Heroku using the Heroku CLI:

$ Heroku login

2) Once you've logged into Heroku with the Heroku CLI, you can now install the add-on to your Heroku Application (where APPLICATION_NAME is the name of your Heroku Application)

$ Heroku addons:create bluzelledb:test -a APPLICATION_NAME

3) If everything went smoothly and the add-on installed properly, you will find 3 Config Variables (In your Heroku Application Dashboard, under the settings tab, you should see Config Vars. If you Click on "Reveal Vars", you will see 3 Config Variables that the Bluzelle Add-on had set, BLUZELLEDB_ADDRESS, BLUZELLEDB_PORT, and BLUZELLEDB_UUID)

Using the Config Vars in your Application

Taken from the example in:

the line where you are connecting to testnet:


can be replaced with environment variables that were set by the Add-on:

bluzelle.connect(process.env.BLUZELLEDB_ADDRESS +':'+ process.env.BLUZELLEDB_PORT,process.env.BLUZELLEDB_UUID);
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