The Pairing-based Crypto library
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The PBC (Pairing-Based Crypto) library is a C library providing low-level
routines for pairing-based cryptosystems. It provides an interface for
cyclic groups and a bilinear pairing defined on them that are thought to
be cryptographically secure. The interface abstracts the mathematical details
away from the programmer, so no knowledge of elliptic curves is needed to use
the library.

The PBC library also contains routines to generate curves suitable for use
in a bilinear pairing.

See the online manual for more information. The DocBook source files that
are used to create the manual are in the doc/ subdirectory.

The PBC library is released under the GNU General Public License and
the Apache License version 2.0. See the files COPYING and LICENSE-2.0.txt
for details.

Ben Lynn <>