Implements an animated circular chart to achieve a Google Fit style chart. Demonstrates the use of the Android DecoView library.
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Faux Fit: Animated Google Fit style chart using DecoView

Google’s health tracking platform, Google Fit, provides data visualization using a circular view to display feedback to users. This circular view is smoothly animated and presents a variety of data about the users fitness goals.

This project aims to reproduce the Google Fit user experience in an app by using DecoView, as shown in the clip below:

Sample Video

The steps required to build the dynamic chart shown in the clip above are detailed in the following article:

This project uses the DecoView library to create a animated circular chart much like that using in the Google Fit Android app.

DecoView is a powerful and flexible library for creating animated arc based charts within your Android apps. Visit the GitHub home of DecoView for more information.

DecoView Library Image