Simple project to compare BDD using Cucumber, ScalaTest and Specs2.
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BDD in Scala - ScalaTest vs Cucumber vs Specs2

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Small SBT project with a simple Bank Account implementation making use of three different testing tools (Cucumber, ScalaTest and Specs2) in order to compare each one of them about how Behavioural Driven Development can be put in practice in Scala projects. The conclusions drawn from this experiment are described in this blog post.

To compile the project run scripts/

To run all the tests just run sbt test, or scripts/


To run only the tests that are using ScalaTest:

sbt 'testOnly bank.scalatest.*'


To run only the tests that are using Cucumber:

sbt 'testOnly bank.cucumber.*'


To run only the tests that are using Specs2:

sbt 'testOnly bank.specs2.*'