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Montage is an experimental home media center developeed with the Raspberry Pi in mind. It is very much a work in progress and is bound to explode at any moment. The goal is to create an xmbc-like media player that is controlled entirely through a web interface on your mobile device. This is also an experimentation with building a (mobile) web application entirely in HTML5 and Javascript.

It currently requires Node > 0.10 and GraphicsMagick.

Primary target platform right now are tablets, namely the iPad (which I can test with), but the goal is to make an application that is cross-platform -- for phones, tablets, desktops.


  • automated library management and metadata retrieval
  • integrated bittorrent client, there mostly as a "proof of concept" for integrating video discovery and retrieval into the application
  • stream videos to your local tablet, computer, phone, or on your remote device (television hooked up to the server)

ScreenShot ScreenShot


This will eventually be much easier... but.. if you're adventurous, here's how. (and go grab a coffee).

  • Install Node
  • Install graphicsmagick
  • clone this repository to your pi
  • npm install (from within the directory)
  • export NODE_ENV=production in the terminal
  • npm install -g forever in the terminal (optional)
  • forever app.js or node app.js.